Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nashville Facts

N-Not everyone moved here to "make it big"
A-A lot of bad drivers (way too many out-of-towners)
S-Suzy sat very near to Taylor Swift in a coffee shop...and I actually was way more gitty than I thought (she's so cute.)
H-half of the people I meet, ask me if I moved here to "make it big"
V-Very easy to find random jobs here
I-If you see a celebrity, act natural and almost annoyed (better to ere on this side than to be viewed as an annoying tourist who can't handle themselves like a true Nashvillian who knows how to always play it cool)
L-Lots of people "making it big" work in minimum wage jobs (maybe that's why everyone is nice to everyone)
L-Local coffee shops reign here
E-East Nashville (ghetto according to some) has the best vintage clothing stores

Tips to a female moving to a new city:
-Don't hand your card/number/email out to someone just because they give you theirs.
-Find community classes to attend
-Be confident while you eat everyone in that restaurant what a great time you are having with your hamburger!
-Be ready to have a very high cell phone bill (your friends from home may be who remind you why you are awesome for being independent after you are feeling low and questioning why you ever moved.)
-Join a gym and buy cute workout clothes that will make you want to show them off...therefore guiding your steps to the gym on a regular basis. NOTE: remember you are on display in that cute outfit...this will lead to an increased level of intensity on the treadmill
-Its okay to call girls back if they give you their number, but not guys.
-Try all the food recommendations you can (then you will be glad and very full...thus encouraging you to workout more)
-Make new friends fast by saying you just moved to the city (I always say, " I moved here two weeks ago". Using 'weeks' instead of 'months' makes you appear newer which means people will find you more interesting)

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