Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here We Go!

January 7th 2014 I was let go from a sales job at a start-up technology company. I had been in sales to save money for my dream job. The moment I was let-go I knew the Lord gave me peace. I knew He told me to trust Him and just be with Him. I spent time enjoying His presence. Smiling and giggling when I meditated, thinking about how he has always provided and where He has taken me (that being said, i also had freak-out days). When it came to the next step for work not one job idea was really sounding like the right fit.

Then I went to a marketing interview and the man I met with asked me what I really cared about. I told him I love to connect resources and people, aaaaand I have had a plan to open a creativity center for kids for the past three years but don't feel ready to pursue it. I told him the details. He stopped me and said so you are choosing to delay your dream job (aka you'll never do it), for a safe job. He also said he would never hire me because I am too passionate about the creative center. I knew he was right.

I left our meeting at Carribu Coffee ready to sit and listen to the Lord. I sat and wrote as tears streamed down my face (Coldplay reference but accurate). For the first time in 3 years, the dots connected. I knew how I could make money and what I needed to do. Everything is in God's timing. For three years I didn't know how to make money, then it all connected on January 22nd. The same man who said he wouldn't hire me also told me he would help me with the center. He told me how to attract investors, and execute phases.

These are the 4 things he said investors will probably be looking for:

1) who's your team 2) marketing plan 3) runway before I run out of monies 4) the idea

My first phase is RESEARCH, then test the idea in summer camp form (working on creating this now), next attract investors this fall while renting out a warehouse space, then get the dream building with the state-of-art equipment. Also I want to have a nonprofit feeding in so ALL kids can be a part of this. If this model works, I want to take it all over the place. We need to reinstate creativity in our culture and provide a place for experts to share their successes.

When I was a kid, I struggled in school. I was creative but didn't test well and because I spent most my life in school, I struggled to feel productive and valuable. (my parents were great, but you know how that is when your kid--you need that outsider peer acceptance).

Here is my vision: To create an incubator for kids ideas. A place where kids are safe to create and taught how to collaborate with each other to use resources around them to develop skills. I want to bring in experts from the city in each field to teach classes to kids up to 12th grade. Now there are many alternative schools in Atlanta where kids don't go class everyday (i'd bring them in during the day), then have after-school programs/classes.We will have state-of-the art technology with software programs that helps develop real-life skills. I want a Big Mac....lab! Teach kids how to use other groups in the center to create.

Here are the areas I want to focus in:
     1) Music (lessons, sound engineering)
2) Videography/Photography
     3) Production/Film
4) Drama/Dance
     5) Writing (blogging/screen plays/journalism/writing cartoons/short stories)
6) Culinary
     7) Coding/User Interface/WebDesign, Graphic Design
8) Think Tank for city's problems

but MOST IMPORTANTE: a dance floor. We gotta get down.

*****If you have any ideas, resources, or potential blind coffee dates you would like to connect me with--please share! I have so much more to learn. Currently I am meeting with all kinds of people, scouring the Internet while sending random emails to strangers in these fields, and watching copious amounts of TED Talks.

Direction is great! I need people to make this happen.

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