Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being Creative Doesn't Mean You Must Be Artistic

I am discovering after a life-time of closing the doors in some areas in my life, I can step forward to open those same doors. Many times I avoided them because I assumed the unfamiliar room would be a challenge too great for me. Today I feel like my life is going higher. I am beginning to think beyond myself, past my frame of mind, past my own self-imposed limits. I am not any more equipped really, I just decided to get some guts. I don't want to trust my past constricting boundaries. I want to open the gates and allow all roaming wild challengers to feel the right to face me without expecting rejection but the possibility of a struggle. I am learning how to walk harder and finish things with purpose and no regrets. I am learning to embrace myself and dance free-style in the woman God has designed me to be. I am learning how to express creativity in areas that I thought were already shaded in black or white, but really, they were waiting for me to paint the flamboyant colors I feel. I am starting a new painting, and its not connect -the -dots.

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